Shop Latitude Interviews Kimberly about Burning Man

Shop L'atitude Burning Man cover

How long have you been a burner? 3 years  IMG_8777

What is your favorite part of the Burning Man experience?

There is so much giddy anticipation arriving to Black Rock City - walking into the unknown and at the same time knowing you are HOME.

I love gathering with friends from all over the world and meeting new incredible people.

This shared experience in the desert really solidifies friendships like no other experience I have had.

Everyone is connecting for this week together with open hearts, great vibes and a sense of wonder and exploration.

It’s quite a spiritual journey and full of magic.


What is the worst part of the Burning Man           experience?

Searching for a port a loo when you are having such an   amazing time.

Your Burning Man look is so great, how long does it take you to get it together?

A Burning Man wardrobe does not happen overnight.     In my  travels I often find something cool and say “ this will be perfect for Burning Man”. I love to find unique pieces to mix and match together to create my looks. I have had two custom head pieces created and an amazing gold body necklace that I duplicated in black for this year.

What are the inspirations for your Burning Man style?   DSC00135

Mad Max is an obvious reference for inspiration, and one needs items practical for survival on the playa such as the right footwear, goggles and a dust mask. I have a great patchwork Indian umbrella that is helpful to block the strong sunlight during the day. At night you need to light up your bike and your body – and a headlamp is crucial to find your way around in the dark.

I braided my hair for the Further Future Festival (the awesome guys behind Robot Heart Burning Man Camp ) this summer and that was brilliant and lasted 3 days. I think I will start with braids for Burning Man this year as I only wash my hair 2 times during the week.


Last year I created a Warrior of Light look with a gladiator inspired white feather and gold Mohawk and a gold body necklace.   I like to mix and match a few key pieces so I wore my body necklace again with my favorite officer cap. What’s great about the military look is that it is sexy for both girls and guys.

I am still working on my costumes for 2015. This Summer I picked up a reworked antique Indian sari that I can wear over a bathing suit during the day and a vintage gypsy circus performer’s black short ruffle skirt with gold metallic threads from Claudia. She is a cool Chilean hippie girl I met in Ibiza who designed the look and costumes for Luciano’s Vagabundos – which was the best Pacha party I have ever been to a few years ago on the island.

What advice would you give to some one attending the festival for the first time?

Go with experienced Burners your first year.

Read up on the festival:

Definitely take a bike (unless you are lucky enough to have a personal art car!)

My first year my bike came in a box! My friend put my wheels on the frame and I pushed my bike down to the “bike repair camp” and spent my first 2 hours at Burning Man putting my bike together. It’s all about radical self reliance, prepare the best you can.

Stay hydrated – Coconut Water in the freezer and it stays cold longer during the heat of the day.10648332_10152278627296016_2371390209556129626_o

Arrive with an open mind and an open heart.

Participate, contribute and give amazing hugs.

Step out of your comfort zone and try something new

Spend at least one morning at Robot Heart for sunrise earlier than later – as you will probably want to go back every morning.

Take some time for yourself meditating in the temple.

Venture off on a solo journey one day to be free.

Jump on an art car and see where it takes you.

Do what makes you happy.

You will find your tribe.

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